The List of Good Things


I’m feeling eternally optimistic today. I can’t say the same for yesterday however, I was stressed and tired, but today. Today I am writing a list of good things that I am looking forward to.

I’m an OCD, ADHD, control freak. *coughs* I love my lists. I have TONS of them. I make lists for my chores, lists for my goals in life, and looooong to-do-lists that I follow religiously.

Therefore it only makes sense that I should have a list of good things. Of course, I have a few lists of horrible-just-plain-awful-renya-dupe-lists too. (Don’t ask about the renya dupe, it’s something from my fantasy world) BUT today is not a day for a list of horrible-just-plain-awful-renya-dupe-things. Today is a day for a life-is-amazing-and-the-stars-always-shine-brighter-then-the-darkness list.

It’s the little things in my crazy life that makes everything so very worth it. 

  • Having my siblings tell me that breakfast was awesome, cuddling with ze littles, having Amelia come up to me and give me a hug for no reason, laughing with dad over how Walmart must be communist because they didn’t carry his favorite brand of oreos.
  • Tiger cleaning the kitchen without being asked, as well as coming out of my evil lair one day this week (er school room) to find out that ze kiddies made lunch for everyone.
  • Finding out that I’m not allergic to cheese. I regret nothing. Cheese is awesome.
  • Getting sent the most encouraging e-mails from friends who know just what to say and listen to my petty problems and still love me.
  • GETTING AHEAD IN SCIENCE. It’s the best feeling ever to be *ahem* three lessons ahead. I still can’t believe I’m graduating in…..2014. O_O It’s so surreal….
  • The stars out here. They’re beautiful. I can’t even begin to describe insignificant life feels when you stand there staring at them. Plus taking Astrology (pfftttt why call it Astronomy? That’s BORING. It’s astrology people) this semester has really opened up a whole different world for me.
  • Nanny coming in nine days. NINE. I haven’t seen her in four years…I’m sooooo excited!
  • My library. They love me even though I check out twelve books at a time.

So there is my list of good things for today. What is your list of good things?


2 thoughts on “The List of Good Things


    *coughs* sorry. But I do.

    Erm, okay.

    1. My grandmother did not die even though her heart stopped beating for around a minute during her surgery.
    2. My brother turns 10 today.
    3. It’s not freezing outside.
    4. Homemade pizza for lunch!!!!
    5. The camera works. 😀
    6. Read a really awesome book yesterday, and another pretty good one the rest of the beginning of the week.
    7. Hanging out with other big families is awesome *grins*

  2. Lists are awesome. Since I’m always behind, I’m starting to make To-Do lists. HA. Let’s see how long this lasts. To make it work, I’m making it a monthly one that I can add stuff to as I go. Pfft. I probably won’t last March. As for this week?

    1. My mother surprised me with the prettiest birthday cake today. With Chinese symbols. O_O I was just expecting it to be white with my name on it. . .
    2. My psychology teacher told me exactly what I needed to hear today.
    3. I’ve determined that if I’m in a bad mood, it’s self caused so I should just get over it.
    4. I get to go to a bookstore tomorrow.
    5. My room is finally semi-clean after over a week of not having the time to do much with it.
    6. I got my drawing tablet in the mail and it is awesome!
    7. I don’t have school tomorrow. MUAHAHAHA.
    8. I need to be more confident. I’m always realizing this and saying this, buuuuut: TODAY I AM GOING TO START BEING MORE CONFIDENT!
    9. Beka found a notepad I lost about a year ago and it had story related things in it and it was so awesome and then I ripped the notes out, put them on my dresser, and started writing in the stupid thing. *facepalm*
    10. I was able to daydream today and last night–I mean, a real daydream that contains monsters and other stuff people claim don’t exist. Sure, maybe an owl died in the daydream, but he was trying to kill me.

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