My Week in Photos #1

I decided to start posting photos from my life every week. This week you mainly get faces and randomness. I had some photos I *thought* I liked, but they turned out to be utter evolitry so enjoy these.


Seeing this adorable face every morning makes my life so imperfectly perfect.


Filling notebook pages with doodles and words.


My little shadows.


We had some lovely 50 degree weather up here for a day before the blizzard hit. Now we currently have two feet of snow that I need to take pictures of…..


We have a huge dining room table that has more then a few scratches on it. I like to think that it tells the story of memories that were made, pictures that were colored for mummy, apples that were chopped, quilts that were sewn, and messes that were made.


Amelia being adorable as usual. This week we made a quilt for Nookie together. It’s not quite finished, but we had a blast. Then we redecorated our bedroom. Which I still need to take photos of…


Moi. In all my messy glory. (And Kit-Kat looking adorable in the background. Actually…she’s the only reason I’m sharing this photo)


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